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World of Warcraf Legion Caused A Great Discussion

  • 2017-06-21 17:58:44
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World of Warcraft has embraced its patch 7.2.5 which features several notes. We have talked about the other edition World of Warcraft Legion. And with the comping of Tomb of Sargeras, wow players flock together to express their ideas about the expansions.


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The world of warcraft expansion is surely on the list of discussion. After all, the game indeed receive continuous update if you has carefully observe its history of development. Every expansion's appearance means a update. But some people hold a view that the idea of bringing some light back into the world as Legion and other expansions seems very“doom and gloom", and player gradually become tired of the constant“world-ending threats". However, a few still want to the functions to be united. In view of others, something COULD arrive to destroy the world in any occasion. Besides, the in-fighting is boring and meaningless in a way. 

What we have proposed above is not the most heated matter. The group of wow fans performance a preference for a certain item acquisition which may contain more tweaks made. Players express a clear voice: more raids and less RNG crap. Most of time, the result doesn't match what they have done for game, which makes some players a little bit upset.

A common thread is that they want some tweaks to a certain item acquisition:“More raids, less RNG crap (especially legendary nonsense, where result isn't tied to the effort at all),”states Kosolapik. How do people thing of RNG? Generally speaking, RNG indirectly indicate that players are not satisfied with the reliance of the game. 

World of Warcraft as a classic game has gone through many ups and downs. It is very common that players have some confusion and questions during the upgrading. With the help of different opinions from so many wow fans, the game will be promising and take us a better experience. 

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