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Blizzard Shut Down WoW Server Felmyst After 5 Hours' Launch

  • 2017-07-31 16:43:01
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Previously, a new and unofficial project was designed to bring back the classic World of Warcraft Legacy. Though the Blizzard didn't approve of this small server, Felmyst still gained a lot of supporting voice from fans. However, just 5 hours after being announced to launch, Felmyst has sadly beed shut down by Blizzard.


That may means, though you have enough wow eu gold to use,  you no longer experience The Burning Crusade because there are seldom servers aming at such a little market. Work on the project "spanned years behind closed doors," its website said, to "produce a complete and satisfying World of Warcraft experience" that was true to 2004. And it sounds like it was doing a pretty good job of it: "Tough, but sort of nice" without all the refinements of modern WoW, as the site put it.

Will Blizzard Allow it?
All of this is moot, however, if Blizzard does't allow the server to stay up and running, and Blizzard doesn't generally approve or allow private servers. Though players are glad to put some wow gold us on those unofficial servers, they can't promise the platforms stable. Last year, the Nostalrius server was taken down by a cease and desist orde. Now, Felmsyt finally comes to the same ending as Blizzard fiercly carck down on unofficial servers.

According to Ars Technica, Felmyst creator Gummy52 took it offline following the receipt of a cease-and-desist letter from Blizzard. Gummy52 acknowledged in a message that's now occupying that the letter didn't come as a complete surprise.

The Original Purpose of Building Felmyst:
In an interview, the Felmyst's founder - Gummy said that he create ScriptCraft before Felmyst. The intention of making some small servers is far beyond making some fun. To grab Blizzard's attention is another reason. Or we can understand his thoughts in another way: Hope Blizzard to pay more attention on fan's unique needs and then make some efforts on them.

Gummy said he's giving thought to releasing the Felmyst source code, but beyond that he isn't gearing up to fight city hall. "If our providers contacted me on their own and said, 'Hey, we don't like that stuff being hosted here, take it down,' then I'd pick another host, most likely in Europe," he wrote. "Blizzard's attorney contacting me, in person no less, is a different story. Here we are and there's nothing I can do."

Whether there will be more other trying oriented to wow story, Gummy and his Felmyst have shown fans more possibilities to improve the heroic game - World of Warcraft, which is a thing worth cheering. Anyway, gold.raiditem will continue to offer cheap wow gold eu for you. Don't hesitate! Buy now!