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Gold.raiditem Shows You the Riddle of the Mind-Seekers

  • 2017-05-08 17:04:22
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We have known the new patch of the World of Warcraft, and many new features need player to adapt to. Well thousands of them come to locate the hidden pages scattered across Azeroth from Uldum to the Well of Eternity in April. How about their riddle of the Mind-Seekers?


It's never easy to get rewards though you and your buddies try to solve the spine-tingling Riddler's Mind-Worm mount. But here are some useful guides to make a difference when you meet each riddle. Gold.raiditem will give you the strong support by offering WOW Gold EU whenever you have a need. 

Here we mainly give a brief analysis of the Mind-Seekers, expose the real solution to each riddle, and discuss the challenges of making hidden items in Azeroth.

The First Thread 
Just like any storyline of other games, there must be a hidden secret which begins with a fantastic idea. For quest or activity, we still have something to talk about. In some cases, it's a particular reward detail that drives the design concept. If the team want to witness a single man's achievement broadcast across the whole area, the small things will get chained by many clues and will be like a bigger snowball. 

Riddler's Mind-Worm in Patch 7.2
This time, the spark was the Riddler's Mind-Worm, which first made its appearance as the team was thinking ideas for Patch 7.2 class mounts. In reality, it falls on no particular class. The designers choose to add into the game just because of preference for idea of a sinister worm from an otherworldly plane of existence. 

Creation of Riddles of Minder-Seeker
You must feel curious that how the concept come into being. It's not an accidental event. Such a new design can date back to the designation of a cipher. If you are a long-term WOW follower, and see the code book after increasing experience points by WOW EU Gold, you may get the correct guess. The code book in this case is World of Warcraft: Chronicle—Volume 1. All of the riddles began with pictures or lore found within, though players didn't always follow the clues in the manner intended. 

Clues Exploration
After getting the code book, players would unlock the location of the second of clue with the guidance of the first clue“…of Sea, Spirit, and Self…” The key is hidden in the cosmology chart.

Secrets of Clue Exploration
Based on what have been introduced, you have catch the details of Riddle of the Mind-Seekers. But as all explorations in game, dangers always make us a little upset. And how we solve troubles sometimes not only depends on intelligence but also equipment. Thus cheap WOW Gold EU is recommended to buy on gold.raiditem. More power you get, more confidence you build.