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WOW EU: Review for Children's Week in May

  • 2017-05-10 16:50:44
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Have you ever thought about the identity of WOW players? Do you know what does the past 10 days mean for some young children? Here gold.raiditem would like to share you a moving campaign—Children's Week in May held by WOW EU.


The campaign has finished now, but don't worry that you missed something important as we will give you a brief review for it. In addition, welcome to buy WOW EU Gold on Gold.raiditem. We promise you a professional service. First, let’s kick off the event.

What's about the Children's Week?
World of Warcraft has designed a special game week for children who are orphans but love the game or play the game. Children's week ran through 8 days, from May 1 to May 8. It showed an orphan what the hero's life is like and give children some bonus.

How players celebrate it?
Even though the Children's Week has its special intention, the kids in all of us have the chance to celebrate it. For children, maybe cheap WOW Gold EU is not so attractive as the funny game items such as a few toys from the Toy Box. Look at these game gifts prepared. 

1.Bubble Wand (Rare Elite)
Bubble Power: We believe that nobody hates the bubbles. And if he does, he probably don't want them as good assistants. Head to Gorgrond and if you're lucky, Sulfurious is holding on to it for you. He's probably not going to want to let this one go without a fight though. 
Use: Shoot a stream of bubbles for 5 sec. (5 Sec Cooldown)

2.Darkmoon Ring Flinger (Achievement)
Darkmoon Faire: During the event, it's lucky for you to earn the reward—Darkmoon Ring Flinger which you can't get via WOW EU Gold for sale. It began May 7 and won't end until May 13. This is also the perfect time to enhance your ring tossing skills.  
Use:Unleash an explosion of rings. (1 Min Cooldown)

The Following Events
If you missed the Children's Week, there are other events waiting for you. They are Legion Dungeon Event (May 10 - May 16), Spring Balloon FestivaL( May 10-May 12),Pets Battle Bonus Event( May 17- May 23)...Good luck for you in the next festivals.