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Patch 7.2: The Tomb of Sargeras Arrives on March 28

  • 2017-04-07 15:34:51
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Are you looking forward to World of Warcraft's 7.2 updates? As the title, The Tomb of Sargeras will be officially launched on Tuesday, March 28, which is the biggest update to the game. Being an MMORPG game, it is centered around Experience Points and trying to boost your character's levels and skills. So you should buy wow gold eu to strengthen your character.


There is no doubt that is the best choice to buy cheapest and fastest wow gold eu. Now let's start to learn the new patch 7.2. Here are some details of the new update:

Tomb of Sargeras will finally see the Alliance and Horde hit back after their disastrous defeat on the Broken Shore during Legion's opening sequence. Now, with the mythical Pillars of Creation assembled, both factions can begin the assault on Sargeras' tomb to drive the Legion back from Azeroth once and for all.

World of Warcraft Update 7.2 is gearing up to be enormous and there are far too many new features and changes to cover here. The biggest and most exciting of them include the new Broken Shore zone, where players will need to establish a foothold against the Burning Legion by gathering resources and constructing buildings that offer various buffs. There's also a new dungeon, Cathedral of the Eternal Night, which will challenge adventurers by upping the difficulty of Mythic dungeons to account for the powerful gear most people will have by now. Finally, while it won't be arriving next week, the new raid, The Tomb of Sargeras, will eventually open in the coming weeks and will (hopefully) bring to end Kil'Jaeden and his annoying habit of ruining everyone's day all the damn time.

Certainly, there are many smaller features too. Players will be able to unlock flying mounts and finally soar through the skies above the Broken Isles. New artifact weapon appearances will accompany an expanded progression system and new legendary items. Then there's much-needed class tuning and a Hearthstone-esque PVP Brawl mode that'll inject a bit of chaos into battlegrounds. And Blizzard is already teasing even bigger things on the horizon.

Watched the cinematic trailer, we get a pretty good look at Argus, the Eredar homeworld, which will be a major setting in patch 7.3. Please continue to pay attention to us, we will keep on updating the latest World of Warcraft news. What’s more, buy wow eu gold and other wow products from our website, you will enjoy the lowest price, fastest delivery and best customer service!